Best Family Dogs: The Golden Retriever Breed

family dogs

Best family dogs come in many sizes, shapes, and personalities.  Choosing your family dog is a very personal journey.  Are you a very active family? Do you have young children? Are you away from home for many hours at a time? All of these issues plus many more need to be taken into account when choosing a family dog.

With respect to choosing best of breed or category, we’ll leave that to the kennel clubs.  But if there was a breed that many would consider being the “poster family dog” it would have to be the Golden Retriever Breed.

family dogs

This breed is incredibly beautiful and wonderfully affectionate.  It is a medium sized breed which had been developed primarily as a hunting dog.  Because of their intelligence, they typically are easier to train and therefore are very obedient.

This has to lead to their use as service dogs, in law enforcement, as guide dogs and search and rescue. The breed tends to need lots of space and if you can provide regular access to water you will have a very happy companion.

The way you take care of the breed, the same way it will respond back with its loyalty and friendly nature towards you. They shall be given proper time and space in yout time.

It’s this love of the outdoors that make the Golden Retrievers a wonderful family dog breed.  They are willing participants in any family outing such as walking, hiking or camping trips.

family dogs

Because of their constant need for affection, this breed does not like to spend much time alone so having children in the family can be a real plus.  Their nature is to be very forgiving and somewhat protective making them a perfect fit for children.

 Keep in mind that young children should not be left alone with any dog regardless of demeanor since any breed will be defensive if they sense harm or danger.   Plus, given their size, small children could be innocently bumped or knocked over. 

Barking is generally not a problem with these retrievers.  The exceptions are:-

1) if the dog is bored they will tend to be vocal.  Regular exercise and outdoor activities should alleviate this behavior.

2) Their propensity to be a watchful dog makes them aware of strangers and may bark in response.

There are three types of Golden Retrievers:

1. British Type – shorter legs, the muzzle is shorter and wider, shorter tail and generally heavier set, colors are shades of gold or cream.

2. American Type – tends to be less heavy and long, a coat is water repellent and thicker, color is gold.

3. Canadian Type – the coat is thinner than the American type and the color is gold but darker.

The breed lives approximately 11 to 12 years and with annual vet checks should be healthy and well adjusted.  They are known to have hip dysplasia so be cautious when assessing a puppy at the time of purchase or else this can cause you lots of trouble afterward.

Also, be careful with their diets since weight problems can be seen in the breed.  An average of 4 cups of quality dog food per day will help to control this tendency. This needs to properly monitored with a proper routine set up for it.

These retrievers shed most months of the year so regular, weekly grooming sessions are recommended.  During those specific times when you notice increased shedding, daily brushing may be needed.  Given the nature of this dog, they love these sessions and are great bonding experiences.

If you are looking for one of the best family dogs available, the Golden Retrievers may be the breed for you.

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