Corgi puppy training (A Complete Package For All)

Corgi puppy doesn’t-look like sportsmen with their short legs like Red Tiger Bulldog, French Bulldog and, American Bulldog or some other breeds, yet they are bred to herd, which makes them faster and agiler.

Exercise makes corgis a much better family pet, although they may not be docile. Therefore, agility may be a great task to bond while training them and giving them added exercise.
What about the basic training?

Agility training of corgi puppy

Agility training will need some basic skills, like stay and remember before beginning it along with your Corgi puppy. Since agility is done off-leash, these abilities give you the control you must take the leash away and help your dog learn to run through the course.

corgi puppy

Build up to calling your dog and walking a couple of feet away. Use treats during recall training, therefore, your dog is always excited to come to you. Reduce the distance and keep training if your puppy cannot come. Consistently use a leash in the early phases of training to ensure that you are able to bring your puppy back for you if it makes an error or wants to run away.

Training in socialization: a must for a corgi puppy

There are several bits of equipment on an agility course that can look threatening to your youthful Corgi, including a see-saw, tunnels and the board. Your dog should discover these objects in a positive way to make agility enjoyment as the see-saw moves along with the board as well as your puppy weight is really high off the ground.

corgi puppy

For example, by exposing, those to the gear when it is about the ground and slowly start build height. For the tunnels, make them as quickly as feasible which means that your Corgi can predict when he gets through it. Reward with treats while your dog is on the equipment. In case, it jumps off early, don’t-give a benefit or treat. Smoothly lead the dog back and try again.

Give corgis jump training

Though Corgis have short legs, they can still jump. If your Corgi is 8-inches tall, it will be in the 8-inch hop group, which means the leaps are 8-inches tall. If your Corgi is taller than that, it will likely be in the 12-inch hop group.

corgi puppy

Do not begin at this height, especially with a pup. Corgis training are prone to back problem, therefore consult your veterinarian in the right age to begin hop training because they have a long back. Typically, this will be after your dog is a year old.

Weave Post Training is also necessary

The toughest obstacle to train in an agility class is the weave poles. When you begin training, keep your Corgi puppy on a leash to help guide it more efficiently. Avoid giving a treat after each pole since that will impede the learning process.

These were some of the training tips that are required by everyone before training your corgi.

Bonus Tip:  Train your corgi puppy in a silent and friendly environment. they will learn 70% faster than in the hustle environment. 

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