Top 5 great ways to train your German Shepherd Breed

I know from experience that German Shepherd really is a great dog to own. The German Shepherd is a playful canine as well as being extremely loyal and loves a lot of mental stimulation

They are great for a single owner or as part of a family, however, sometimes they can be difficult to train. This article will take you through the top tips on how exactly to train your German Shepherd.

1. Get your German Shepherd Check Out By The Vet:

The first thing you should do after getting your new dog is getting him checked out by the vet. You need to make sure your dog has a clean bill of health before you start to train him. Your vet will check his breathing and joints as well as his overall general health. If all is well you are ready to start teaching your animal to obey you.

2. Get Up Before Your Dog:

When starting German Shepherd Dog training it is inevitable that you are going to have a few “mistakes”. A great tip to minimize this is waking up early before he is up and taking him out, this will help him associate his “business” with outside.

German Shepherd

You should also always keep your German Shepherd puppy near his newspapers in case he needs to go when he isn’t outside. When the mistakes happen you should firmly tell your pet “No” so he knows he has done wrong and places him outside. Do not shout at him or scare him as this will not help. The puppy just needs to know he has done wrong and he will learn not to do it.

3. Choose The Name Of Your German Shepherd:

A German Shepherd needs to know his name right off the bat to avoid confusion. To start off your German Shepherd dog training you need to make sure you have thought up a name before he arrives. Make sure every time you talk to the new pet you talk to him using his name. He will gradually start to realize that is what he is called and respond to it.

4. Do not comfort your puppy at night:

When you first start training your German Shepherd puppy you will have to leave him alone at night. You must make sure that when he starts crying you don’t run and comfort him.

This may sound harsh but if you start to comfort your canine you will teach him that if he cries you will come. He will then keep doing it and pick it up as a bad habit. If you leave him alone he will stop crying within a couple of nights.

5. Pick Up A Training Manual:

An untrained dog can be a nightmare to be around but if you train your puppy well he will be a massive part of the family. When I got my first German Shepherd I had no idea what I was doing so I picked up and ebook called secrets to dog training which showed me step by step how to train my German Shepherd dog.

These were some of the secret tips for training your German Shepherd. Hope so these will help you in the same way as it helped me.

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