Type of Dog Beds (Important For Your Dog’s Rest)

Dogs come in all different breeds, sizes and temperaments. The dog beds that is right for a small pampered pooch may not be the best bed for a large working dog.

There are almost as many types of dog beds as there are dog breeds. Here are some descriptions of the most common dog beds and their intended use:

Pillow or Cushion dog beds

These are the most common in use. They come in round, square and rectangle shapes and many different sizes to fit any breed. There are a multitude of fabric and color options to choose from. Most beds are stuffed with either poly foam, or foam and cedar chips blend, which acts as a natural flea repellent.

dog beds

Some dogs may not like the smell of the cedar chips or may have an allergic skin reaction to the scent, so if your dog has a history of skin ailments or you are buying a bed for a puppy you may want to avoid beds with cedar ships or cedar scent.

Orthopedic dog beds

These are specially designed for dogs with arthritis or other joint problems such as hip dysplasia, and for senior citizen dogs regardless of their health problems. Expect to pay a little more for an orthopedic dog bed as they are generally made of higher quality materials than standard dog beds, such as high-density, medical-grade foam that provides more support and comfort.

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Some beds even include electric heating pads to provide soothing warmth which helps to relieve joint pain.  Waterproof or washable fabrics may be needed for older dogs that are incontinent.

Nest Dog Beds

Nest dog beds may also be referred to as cuddler or donut. These dog bed types get their name from the fact that the bedding, usually a deep, soft pillow or foam cushion, is surrounded by a wall made of some sturdy material such as stuffed fabric, wood, plastic, or wicker.

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Your dog curls up inside the bed and the walls of the bed provide warmth, comfort and privacy. These beds are great for cold climates or for dogs who like to curl up for warmth. Many dogs feel more secure in an enclosed, den-like area and nest beds may have a calming effect.

Dog Bed Mats

Mats are generally the most inexpensive dog bed option. They are usually a thin layer of foam covered by a waterproof or washable fabric. Mats work great in kennels or crates and help cushion your dog from a cold, hard floor. The latest mats are now available with high-grade memory foam and some even offer cooling properties from high-tech materials. Due to being flat and lightweight, most mats travel well.
Travel Dog Beds

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Travel dog beds run the gamut from sleeping bag like roll ups to travel mats that fit easily into kennels or carriers for travel on trains and airplanes. Most travel dog beds are machine washable and fold into a compact size when not in use. Many feature carry bags, handles or waterproof fabrics for outdoor use. There are even dog beds that are specially designed to fit bucket or bench seats in your car for taking your dog along on a road trip.

Designer dog beds

Designer dogs beds or custom made dog beds are designed like small pieces of furniture and prices can vary based on materials. Many are made like small sofas with wood frames covered with commercial grade foam and custom fabric options.

Other beds are made from polished wood, such as canopy or day bed styles, and can fit any décor from rustic to colonial. There are also wrought iron headboards and footboards, and even hammock-style dog beds. Many are custom ordered or hand made, expect to pay higher prices and wait several weeks for delivery. 

While dog beds come in many shapes, sizes and color to match your décor or fit your personality, it is more important to your dog that the bed is warm, safe and comfortable. Be sure to keep your dog’s needs in mind when choosing a dog bed, there are enough options available to make everyone happy

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